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Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle Price: Do you ever feel that sudden urge of a hot cup of coffee at midnight? But you just sit back and throw away all your coffee temptations cold heartedly so as to avoid all the mess, fuss and chaos.

Well facing coffee cravings at midnight and not having an electric kettle in the house is something that definitely blows off my mind. How can people even resist such urges?

Electric kettles are so convenient and handy that even the sloppiest and complicated tasks seem to be performed without a hitch. Moreover, they have this magical quality of enhancing the flavor of beverages which adds a lot to relish.

Now, just imagine that you suddenly have your friends over for a noodle feast and the gas stove runs out. You will probably feel quite awkward and embarrassed.

But if you had an electric kettle, things would have been certainly different. No embarrassment and awkwardness for sure. Just the noodle ingredients, some water along with an electric kettle and in a couple of seconds you and your friends would have been happily enjoying the zest of hot scrumptious noodles.

Electric Kettle is the smart kitchen appliance that consists of a boiler inside to boil the water and automatically switches it off when the water temperature reaches to 100 degree Celsius. In modern kitchen electric Kettle is more preferable than steam kettle because it consumes less power consumption and time saving.

It is not solely useful for the students or the people who have more table work but it can be very beneficial in your kitchen to boil eggs, milk, water and to prepare tea, coffee, noodles, etc.

Since it is mobile and light weight you can carry it to the tour where to find hygienic food is the toughest part. It also has some other features that are discussed in detail below.

Features of Electric Kettle | Best Electric Kettles in India

Every appliance has a feature that can vary the quality of the kettle. So let’s read them:

1. Rubber Handle: The handle has a soft element rubber that will act as an insulator and maintain grip to hold it.

2. Cool Touch Body: The outer body has a material that makes it surface cool and does not allow heat to pass through it.  

3. 360 Degree Base: You can face your kettle’s base to any direction to keep the water warm. 

4. Concealed Element: Some of the kettle is made with an element that makes it cleaning easy and does not have a surface that is exposed to the heat.

5. Keep Warm Function: This feature helps you to keep water warm inside the kettle even after leaving it in for a long time. This is done either by warming the content gently or by re-boiling it at a specific time interval. This feature might have more energy consumption because of periodic heating. 

6. Multiple Temperature Settings: Generally we require water of 100 degree Celsius but the beverages such as green tea needs the temperature between 70-75 degree Celsius and coffee tastes its best between temperature 90-95 degree Celsius. So just go for the kettle that has settings to change the temperature according to your necessities. 

7. Illuminated Kettles: Most of the kettles are illuminated with a simple light when turned on. But now Blue light is more commonly used. There are some other lights that are used that are illuminated in the entire body of a kettle that indicates the water level and change its light from blue to red when water boils or the temperature reaches 100 degree Celsius. The red light becomes bright and bright as the temperature raises. 

8. Water level marking: There must be water level marking that indicates what is the minimum volume of the water that should be filled inside the kettle to start its working. It must be clearly labelled for both left handers and right handers people.

9. Power Rating: Most of the kettles take the power of 2KW to 3 KW. The higher the power rating the faster the water boils.

10. Limescale factor: This feature is useful in the houses that have a supply of hard water. It will help you to clean your kettle easily.

11. Boil Dry Protection: This automatic feature activates when your kettle does not have water then to save power consumption the kettle automatically switches it off.

Things to Consider before Buying Electric Kettles in India

 Before buying Electric Kettles in India, you must consider the following points :

1. Brand: Electric appliances always be purchased with a trusted or well known Brand. Because there can be chances of any fault that can cause electric Shock or short circuit in the home.  Another point to be taken care of is choosing the brand whose service center you are present in your area or in the city.

2. Prize: It is a simple appliance and does not have much difference between a cheaper and an expensive one. So, go for the electric kettle price that can fit in your budget and fulfill all your necessities.

3. Capacity/Volume: The most common mistakes made in size are sometimes brought too large or small. So just consider your requirement and maximum quantity of water you are going to boil in it.

4. Boiling Time : You must consider the time it takes to boil the water. The lesser the boiling time the more efficient the kettle is.

5. Appearance: The kettle must look attractive with a bright color and good looks and style.

6. Power Consumption: One must buy the kettle that takes less power to boil the water. It will use less. Resources and conserve nature.

11 Best Electric Kettle in India

Keeping the above things in mind, here are some best electric kettles in India that will be worth it if you spend your money to buy any of it:

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Quartz Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle saves your time as it takes less time. It has a capacity of 1.7L Kettle. The rubber is attached to the handle which maintains its grip. It has an automatic system that makes work easier. 


  • The body has stainless steel which makes its cleanliness easy
  • It has a single touch glass lid which prevents steam from escaping and water to boil in no time
  • It has a 360 degree rotational base
  • It automatically turns off when water is boiled
  • Having an outer body which is great heat resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Best for boiling water
  • Automatic turns off save electricity
  • The water will remain cool for a longer time
  • Experienced minor water leakage
  • Sometimes heat transfers to the outer body


2. La Forte EKLF001R 1.8L Tea Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle has a dimension of 18.5*18.5*23.5cm and weighs 500ṣ gm. It has a Cordless technology. The kettle is made of stainless steel which makes its interior cleaning easy.


  • The kettle is fully made of stainless steel.
  • Has an anti-slip grip and heat resistant handle.
  • 1.8 litre capacity of water can be boiled at a time
  • Has a cordless technology
  • It is light weight and cost effective
  • Takes less time to boil water (approx 7 mins)
  • Fully stainless steel interior
  • Substantial base and double wall kettle
  • The wire seems short for me


3. Usha 3315 Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

It is 1 litre Plastic kettle that weighs 1.07 kilograms and have dimensions as  8.1*3.8*7.1 cm. It also has a dry boiling protection and water level indicator with a spout filter.


  • It has an automatic cut off
  • Has a spout filter
  • Has a dry boil feature
  • Hs a cordless removable base
  • HAs a capacity to hold 1 litre of water
  • Resistant plastic body
  • Has a 16 ampere plug with earth pin for safety and cord of 1.5 metres of length
  • This automatic machine is easy to handle
  • Can also be used for boiling eggs, milk and making beverages
  • Has a long cable
  • Inner plastic seem to be of low quality
  • Lid doesn’t open fully, so cleaning is difficult


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4. Nova Kt 728s Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

Electric kettle has a 18*17.2*10.6 cm dimensions with the weights of 640gm. It has an auto shut off feature and also has a concealed heating element. It operates on 1000watt power.


  • It has a concealed heating element
  • It has a stainless steel body
  • Has a lockable lid.
  • Has a cordless operating mode
  • Good quality material
  • Can be beneficial for the tour and travel purpose
  • Quite difficult to clean
  • The noodles and pasta can stick on the surface


5. Butterfly EKN 1.8L1500 Watt Electric Water Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The electric kettle has a dimensions of 18*14*20 cm and light weight ( 800 gm). It is operated on1500 watts. It has a stainless steel design and automatic turn off feature when the water is boiled. 


  • Elegant stainless steel design
  • Takes less time to boil water
  • Have a rubber grip to hold it easily 
  • It indicated the thermostat and cut off  automatically when water boils
  • It has a cord length of 1.6 metres
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • It has a wide opening to pour water and easy cleaning
  • Elegant look, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Takes less time to boil water
  • Can also be used to cook Maggi and beverages
  • No water level scale is present
  • Makes some noise while heating


6. Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus1.5L Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle has a dimension of 18.5*18.5*21.2cm and 656 gram. It operates  on 1500 watt and 220-240V. It has a capacity of 1.5L water to boil at once.


  • The kettle has a detachable 360 degree  base
  • It takes 5-7 mins to boil 1.5 litres of water
  • It is easy and convenient to carry
  • It operates on 1500 watts and has a concealed element
  • It has a classic design with 360 degree swivel base
  • It is easy to clean, carry, and handle
  • Takes less time to boil the water
  • Short cord length
  • Water sometimes drips from the base
  • Heats transfers in the body of the kettle


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7. Morphy Richards Flamio Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle has a dimension 23*15.4*25 cm and weight of 880 grams. It has a rapid boiling as it operates on 1200 watts and 230 V supply. 


  • It takes 1200 watts power supply, 230V operating voltage
  • It has a stainless steel body with a transparent lid
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Dry boil protection and auto cut off feature
  • Has a feature to change the temperature with a knob
  • Also provide a concealed heating element
  • Can be suitable to make tea and coffee
  • Adjust the temperature node to set it according to your own
  • Auto shut and dry boil protection will benefit you to prevent from shocks and short circuits
  • Auto turn off feature does not work well sometimes
  • Regulator can be damaged in short time


8. Prestige Pkss 1.2 Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle is 21*14*19 cm and weights 960 grams. It has a capacity to hold 1 L of water. It also has an elegant look.


  • It has aesthetic black body
  • It has a double wall and moderate cool touch handle
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Has a inner stainless steel of 304 grade with concealed element
  • Has a power indicator
  • It switches off automatically
  • Its wide mouth opening makes cleaning easy
  • Light weight and decent look
  • Does not have a rubber grip in handle
  • Only useful for boiling water


9. Philips Hd9329/06 Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

It has 23.62*25.31*17 cm volume and weighs 1.12kg. The length of the cord is 0.75m. It has a capacity of holding 1.7 litres of water. It consumes 1800 watt/240von AC. 


  • It has a steel body which is not exposable for the food
  • Has a sensors for overheating protection and steam
  • Has a concealed heating element
  • Has water level indicator as well as auto switch off
  • Has a lockable lid and power indicator
  • Has a large open mouth which makes the water pouring and cleanliness easy
  • Inbuilt overheat protection and steam sensor
  • 360 degree cordless pirouette base
  • Made of steel that does not change the taste of the food cooked in it
  • Has a small power cord
  • Not suitable for boiling milk
  • Does not have cool body element


10. Bajaj Cordless Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle has the dimension of 25.9*19.4*13.4 cm and only weigh 820 grams. It offers you to easily and efficiently supply of boil water and beverage at your table or bed.


  • Has a single facility ot boil water
  • Has a dry boil and overheat protection
  • Has a 360 degree detachable base
  • Has a concealed heating element
  • Dry boil and overheat protection
  • Has a 360 degree and removable base.
  • Attractive and elegant design
  • 7 liters of tank capacity
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Has a water level indicator
  • Short wire length
  • Kettle shakes while heating
  • On off button is very delicate


11. Kent 16052 Electric Kettle | Check the Electric Kettle Price

Electric Kettle PriceDescription

The kettle can boil water quickly and safely. It has a 360 degree base that will help you to plug in anywhere and has a stainless steel plate that is evenly distributed. It weighs 0.8kg with a capacity of 1.8 litres of water.


  • It has a glass body that provides safe boiling water
  • Has a 360 degree base to plug in anywhere
  • Stainless steel base plate which is evenly distributed
  • Having a concealed heating element to protect from electric shock
  • It has a boil dry protection that turns off the kettle automatically when water is not filled
  • It has a high power operation that takes no time to boil water
  • The power cord is bigger as compared to other brands
  • Appears good when LED lights are turned on
  • Less boiling time because of 2000 watts
  • It works only for boiling water
  • Glass appears to be of loose quality


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some questions that come to mind before buying an electric kettle.  Let’s have a look at them.

1. Which price range one should spend to buy a kettle?

There are some kettles that are quite good and work really well at a cheaper price. The expensive kettles have bigger capacity, low power consumption and reduce the boiling time with bright colors and attractive appearance. It might also have the illuminated light that turns on and off automatically and indicates the water temperature and volume filled in it.

2. Which is the best plastic or steel kettle?

It depends on the way you are going to use it. For a lightweight and good appearance you can prefer plastic kettle. There is a precaution that in both kettle you can store water for more than 30 minutes else the taste may be changed.  

3. Should you choose the kettle that turns off automatically?

As far as safety is concerned you should always choose a kettle that turns off automatically. Because it will help you to save yourself from fire hazards.

4. How should we choose the right kettle?

There are many factors that one can consider while buying a kettle and it is mentioned above. But the most important thing that one should consider is brand and then the factor that it should be easy to use with a low power consumption because it will be beneficial for your budget.


We have provided you with a list of top electric kettles in India, to make your work easy. You can also choose your kettle on your own with these points in mind:

  • Power consumption should be less.
  • It should have enough capacity for water required in single use
  • It should have automatic turn off feature

I hope this article will reduce your confusion about buying a good kettle at a cheaper price. Comment and let us know which kettle would you prefer.

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