Growth Mindset Article | 15 Amazing Growth Mindset Activities in (2020)

Growth Mindset Article

Growth Mindset Article: Is your kid not ready to take up challenges. Say’s NO to any complicated task. Cannot concentrate for so long while studying? Can’t communicate with people ? Worried about future ? And, never appreciate process of learning. Well then, you are at a right place as this article is for you.

Our mindset plays a major role in our success. The way we look forward to problems tells lot about us. And in this growth mindset article, we will learn about developing a right mindset to cultivate an untold secret of success through “15 Amazing Growth Mindset Activities”.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset | Growth Mindset Article

Growth Mindset Article

As a kid, we always had a dream to achieve something good in our life like our idols did, but when we get old why most of us fail to accomplish the dreams we had in our childhood. Most probably our thought process and our beliefs act as a fuel to our behavior helping us to predict our success. Our mindset defines, “How are we going to live our life?”

The concept of mindset was discovered by Dr. Carol Dweck (renowned researcher at Stanford University) where she identified two different mindset, that is, Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. Carol Dweck even published one of her books where she is defining “How Mindset defines Psychology of Success”.

Growth Mindset was all about developing a creative and entertaining atmosphere all around thereby bringing in happiness in our life. People with growth mindset are encouraged to take up challenges, appreciates the process of learning, learn from the mistakes, have a “can-do” attitude, and are indulged in making the best out of themselves each day.

In contrast, to this, people with fixed mindset are just like bots working in same pattern for their entire life. They never try to learn from the mistakes they commit, they are not ready to accept new challenges, and fight their own battles in life. When it comes to take in decision in life, they are not firm at it and are not determined towards their goals.

Having a growth mindset help us to show perseverance in face of failure, determination in face of difficulty, and focus to stay intact in what we are doing.

Pre-requisites | Growth Mindset Article

Before we dive into this growth mindset article and learn some activities, here are some things that you should be consider:

1. Create a Team

When you are planning to schedule such sessions, it is good to finalize a team of dedicated members who can relocate well with the attendee. It is good to have ten volunteers for a group of 50 students.

2. Be ready with your Action Plan

After finalizing your team, discuss an action plan with your teammates and schedule each and every activity wisely. You don’t need to schedule very long sessions, short sessions adding value to attendee’s life can make a big difference.

3. Rekindle Flames of Curiosity in them

Once you are done finalizing your team. Just incorporate exciting ways to develop curiosity among the attendees regarding upcoming activities.

15 Growth Mindset Activities with Real Life Examples | Growth Mindset Article

By practicing these 15 growth mindset activities one can develop a better lifestyle:

1. Plan an Activity

Growth Mindset Article

This activity is designed to understand the mindset of the attendees. It is advised to design an activity in a way to increase stress level of attendees. Now, you need to notice their behavior pattern and record their language while they are attempting that activity. For example:

  1. Take a deck of 52 cards
  2. Place them right on a table in an uneven manner
  3. Ask them to make a pyramid with the help of those 52 cards in next 10 minutes
  4. Place sensors right next to the table to record their mindset language they use while arranging those cards
  5. When you are done with an activity just listen to the recorded audios to understand their mindset.
    For example
    : If they used the phrase like:
    This is impossible, I can’t do it, It is so hard, I want to quit, This is so easy, I can do this, etc.
  6. Pen down those statements on the board placed next to you
  7. Try to interact with them, ask about their experience, then take one example of fixed mindset and growth mindset and ask them which phrase could brings in motivation in them and why

2. Negative to Positive

Growth Mindset Article

We have often heard of this statement that, “Whatever, we think happens with us so it is good to have a positive mindset”. This exercise is all about understanding the thought process of your attendees and interpret in a way to let them get familiar with the traits of growth mindset.

All you need to do is ask them, to write some limiting statements they make each day about themselves when they are assigned with any particular task. For example:

  1. I cannot complete this task
  2. I am not good enough
  3. I am not talented
  4. My ideas are not that good

Your task is to interpret these negative sentence and develop a positive sentence out of it. For example:

  1. I cannot complete this task right now, but will do it in some time
  2. I am not good, but I am great when I come to work on something creative
  3. I am not talented, still I believe in the hard work I put in to do anything
  4. My ideas are not that good in reference to the current scenario

Tell them to develop an analytical approach towards any problem they come across in life and then change their perspective like we did in this exercise. Break down the problem into smaller components and find in a solution that get them a step closer to their dreams.

3. Learn from Community

Growth Mindset Article

Community is all about meeting like-minded people to develop a great lifestyle. Community plays major role when it comes to share your ideas or showcase your talent in front of right audience and gain effective feedback. We can build great relationships in community by contributing to it. Ask them to pair or groups and then listen to their ideas , to understand their vision and belief regarding community.

Ideas that you can implement:

  • Be a part of any NGO
  • Be a part of any social initiative that aims to create an impact in society
  • Host a live workshop teaching the needy
  • Start a campaign to save animals
  • Interact with people to know their problems and then try to understand and then find a solution for them

4. Ki-Ki Challenge (Kindness in Kids Challenge)

Growth Mindset Article

Life is all about adding in value to the life of everyone around you. This weekend plans an event that teaches your kids to be kind to each and everyone around them. Ask Kids to form a pair of two and to move all around in their locality with a motto to help 3 people in some work. Now, click a picture with a person they helped and then paste it in their room. These photos will let them know, there worth as they added in value in life of three people.

Valuable activities that can bring in change in life of people:

  • Offering help to your aunt in household chores
  • Showing care towards anyone
  • Feeding an animal
  • Donating clothes to needy
  • Raising funds for charity
  • Helping your parents in their office work
  • Preparing a meal for entire family

These ideas will develop a positive feeling in you.

5. Crunch your Mistakes

Growth Mindset Article

Build a monopoly of learning from the mistakes we commit in our life’s. This activity is all about understanding the mistakes we commit in a process of learning something new. For example:

  • Write down the mistakes you have committed in last 3 days
  • Paste that paper in your room
  • This will help you to keep a track of mistakes you have committed so far and even aware you so that you don’t commit the same mistake next time
  • In case, you didn’t commit the same mistake again
  • Crumple the paper where you wrote it and throw it in the dustbin

This act will let you acknowledge your mistake, give you power to fight with your mistake and let you be a better person at the end of day.

6. Practice Perseverance

Growth Mindset Article

Learning is not a one-day process. The only hack to lead a better lifestyle is to stay committed with whatever you started in your life. Take programming for an example, do you believe that you lack a particular skill set or you don’t know particular programming language and therefore you tend to avoid programming at all cost? Maybe you are not good at the concepts that is required to solve programming problems.

If in such a situation, I challenge you to understand programming concept by taking any programming class. Push yourself in to it and not to stop after two or three classes. If you really want to learn programming get yourself comfortable with being uncomfortable, and thereby add in ‘can-do’ attitude in you. By the time, your classes will get over, you will find that you understand basic concepts and even able to code simpler problems that you have never done before. Will you be a professional coder? No. But you will be one step closer to being a good programmer.

Whenever, you see anyone better than you trigger a feeling that can let you dive-in in a positive way. Incorporate some productivity hacks in your daily life to be much more consistent towards your goal.

7. A 25 minutes of Yoga Session

Growth Mindset Article

Yoga is source of positive energy that help in coordination of our mind and body. Being a Yogi, help us look towards complex problems in a positive way. Introducing Yoga can help everyone develop a cyclic mindset, increase concentration, confidence, and cultivate transient approach towards life.

We suggest to have 25 minutes Yoga session before the main session.

8. Share your Personal Experience

Growth Mindset Article

When you mentoring anyone, they get curious to know more about their mentor. Being a mentor, it depends upon you how you share your story with them in order to form a great bond. When you build up a bond with your attendees, this increases their trust level, letting them explore the real you in a better way. You can narrate a story in a following manner.

  • Starting off with your introduction
  • Sharing one secret of your life with them
  • Your reaction when you failed in life
  • Sharing your success story
  • Sharing your reason, to be here with them

Kudos to you! If you are able build up connection with the them, then you can create a better impact on them in your future sessions. The only advice is to narrate your experience in a manner that they take in something positive energy from every moment of your life.

9. Preparing a Planner

Tragedies are a part of everyone’s life. Isn’t it?

Growth Mindset Article

Here’s how to be a step ahead in case you meet any failure in life. This exercise plays a major role in developing analytical thinking kids letting you explore a reason behind your failure. Let us do a role play now, consider yourself as an entrepreneur who has launched a company few days back. But only few days after the launch your product failed in the market. Who else wants to know the ways to upfront in this situation, here are my 5-little method?

  • Why my company failed?
  • Where my approach went wrong?
  • What can be improved?
  • Who can guide me in a better way?
  • How will I develop a better approach to solve the problem statement?

These queries could plan out the things in a better way by proofreading the mistakes you committed last time, and who knows when you launch your product for the second time it turns out to be global success.

Did you Know?: Jack Ma failed 24 times, before launching Alibaba. The only thing that kept Jack Ma trying was his learning that he gained from 24 unsuccessful attempts. 

10. To-Do List

Growth Mindset Article

I hope each one us is aware about sticky notes, Isn’t it? Sometimes working on any project, or on any assignment becomes dull and boring for us. How to strive off this dull schema and curate some fun in it:

  • With a help of Sticky notes, prepare a To-Do list for yourself each day
  • Then, paste these sticky notes in your room or at your working place in order to stay updated about the task you assigned yourself with
  • When completed with the task, remove these sticky notes from the board and add it into “Success Jar”
  • And, by the end of the week task you were not able to finish add it into “Striver Jar”

This will keep you intact with your work and cultivate time management skills in you.

11. Jar of Success and Striver

Growth Mindset Article

As discussed in previous activity, you are already aware about the role of these two jars. So, now by the end of the week calculate the slips in both jars and analyze yourself in reference to the count. For example:

  • Jar of Success: 42 Sticky Notes
  • Jar of Striver: 12 Sticky Notes

Ensure that you celebrate for the successful completion of the 42 tasks and then analyze the breakpoints for not being complete the remaining 12 tasks.

12. Power of ‘Yet’ in Learning Trajectory

Growth Mindset Article

Let your kid understand the power of Yet. This single word is determined to revert the meaning of whole statement and acknowledge positive hope encouraging one to do particular task until it is being completed.

Customize a corner of a room, to place all the things you didn’t do…yet! This will help to survive in the most difficult times. Many times, in a day, we get frustrated when we are not able to solve any particular task, adding Yet to these tasks adds in ray of hope to do it after sometime. Whenever you are stuck in problem prefer saying “I can’t do it yet” instead of, “I can’t do it” this will encrypt positivity in you to do that particular task.

13. Praise for Achievement

Growth Mindset Article

Praising for genuine achievement is always appreciable. It is good to appreciate people who are really putting in effort to solve any complex problem allocated to them. You can appreciate in a following ways:

  • Woah! Excited to see your hard work
  • Your dedication is mesmerizing it motivates me too
  • The way you tried out different strategies is highly appreciable
  • You should be happy because you gave your everything for this task

14. Spend Family Time

Growth Mindset Article

It is important to understand the importance of family. Appreciate your kids, to spend some quality time with family on weekend. Try to interact with your family. For example: Spend sometime in Kitchen with your mom, watch new movies with your siblings, try to talk to your grandparents, and try to have meal in the dining hall. These activities add in positivity, love, care, honesty, trust in a family.

15. Print Out Work Checklist

This exercise is a schematic way to get updated with what you have achieved in an entire week. Print out checklist in following pattern:

I improved myself in areas of ______________

I helped _________ many people in _____________

I wish, I could have accomplished this ___________

I am happy, I have achieved __________ this

I felt most stressed when _____________

When you tell about these questions to your attendees, encourage them to be honest while writing these answers. Create more questions to write down everything that happened with you in whole week.

Final thoughts on this Growth Mindset Article

In next few weeks, you will observe the change in your behavior. The way you look forward to problems in life. Developing a growth mindset should be the prime focus, as mindset only customizes the ways we stood up to upcoming challenges in our life.

If you want to see the perks of growth mindset, it is advised to practice these activities for at least 8 weeks.


Now, I want to hear from you about this growth mindset article.

  1. Which of these activities you will be practicing?
  2. Do let us know if you have come across any other growth mindset activities that we missed out.

With this growth mindset article, we are signing off from today’s topic will be back again with many more interesting topics. If you have any query tell us at [email protected]  or mention in the comment section our team will drill it down for you.

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