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How to Build Community Online

Hello drillers, welcome to our daily drills. We are back this time sharing our view point on Community, reasonable factors to build a community, telling you the ways of improvising community management, and how you can be benefited out of it. Lets drill it down!


Community in a particular is a group of like-minded people’s having potential to explore the credibility of learning amazing stuff and to share the amazing learning experience with the group of folks who are not provided with the similar sought of opportunity. When you get into a community, you find ways out respire your skills and get it furnished by amazing chunk of people who are already professional in that particular niche. Most of us, get confused about the right time to get involved in a community. So, let me tell you the sooner you get into it , the best you can make out of it.

How to Build a Community?

I am never been a part of any social outburst, so “How can I build my own community?”. So, when we look forward to build a community, let us go through sequential process, and the first step is “How to be involved in a community?”

Steps to be Involved in a Community

  • Create a LinkedIn or a Twitter account
  • Get connected with people related to niche over these platforms
  • Show them your interest to learn and contribute to the society
  • Ask them about the communities they can let you be connected with
  • Explore the community programs of the companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other companies
  • With time, you will build up great connections that could earn some royalty to you

And when you get assured about your connections, launch your own community and help others to scale their level up and work with them to learn and explore new things. This is how , you can develop a chain of learning together.

Ways to Improvise Community Management

You started a community with a vision to bring a change, but after a certain period of time. You see things dropping down in your community, you don’t get mates who are so indulge to work, to learn, to acknowledge the problems faced by young fellows in learning and finally with time, you discontinue the community.

To avoid such problems, let me share some effective tips to manage a community:

  • Build your community online, socially strong community profile is recommended
  • Be cleared with your vision
  • Ask professionals to volunteer by conducting a session
  • Add value to it, by sharing every good opportunity you came across
  • Let community folks, to share their viewpoints and ideas
  • Be a community hero who strive to work with everyone
  • And, when your community gets acknowledged by good amount of people, provide a platform to students who want to learn and share their stuff out with everyone

Now, you would be terrified with the thought, “Why should I invest so much time in a community?” The same thought even I had, when I started to get involved in the communities.

Benefits of Getting Involved in the Community

  • Community let you meet amazing folks all around the world
  • You get a chance to interact with professionals you aspire to be like
  • You get a chance to benefit life of thousand folks who are not getting the opportunity you are getting
  • You develop good conversational skills
  • You get community help when you start any new initiative
  • You develop awesome friendship with people all around the globe
  • Get a chance to flaunt about your connections
  • You get corrected before committing any mistake
  • You get a team to participate in events, hackathons, and other competitions

Community Program one can be a part off

Here are some community program for you guys. Check out your specific niche/domains and join the community now:


This is all about a community. Being a part of community, one personal tip from my end, “Each and every community folk is always ready to support and help you, and what I have achieved till now all thanks to the Microsoft Community, which I have been a part off”.

With this thought, I am signing off from today’s drill would meet you again with many more exciting topics to talk on.

If you have any query, tell us in the comment section or write to us  on [email protected] and our team would drill it down for you.

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