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How to Make Money without a Job

How to Make Money without a Job – Hello Drillers, welcome to our Daily Drills. We are back with opportunities for graduates, undergraduates, school students or anyone who is willing to give a boost to their career, Lets drill it down:

Tips on How to Make Money without a Job

This drill is all about letting you indulge in the community and ways to “be your own boss” and here your marksheet won’t decide your value:

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals and students interact by sharing their experience, mentoring each other, and grow together like a community.

Now, let us understand the benefits of being a part of LinkedIn.

So, being on LinkedIn one gets a chance to meet alike to them in terms of interest from who you can ask to mentor you in the respective field. Let me tell you, the LinkedIn community has best mentors who can level up your skills. Moreover, you get a chance to meet the folks who are hustling down in the same domain you are. So, you even get a chance to collaborate and work with them.

Create a Twitter Account

Twitter community is down struck by most of teenagers, but the truth is Twitter community is one of the most active communities where you get a chance to understand the view point of the people all around the world, share your views, learn from the distinguished personalities all around the globe. Because, twitter is a hub learned and experience people’s and this is one of best opportunity to learn from them.

Create an Upwork Profile

Upwork is currently one of the leading freelancing platform where you get a chance to be paid for your talent. Upwork is a like an interface for clients and a developer (in any domain). A client post job, and you get a chance to pitch for that particular job. Drill it Down prefers Upwork because it take a look over your profile and if they find it worthy then only, they select you as a freelancer on their platform.

You can even look for the platforms like, Fiverr, 99designs to sign up for freelancing roles.

Create an Internshala Account

Internshala is one of the recommended platform for beginners to get internship based on their interest. Many startups or companies post opportunities over this platform on various domains like Content writing, Web Development, Graphic Design, Voice over Artist and many other such niche. Go and get the best one for you. This could be a chance to follow your passion.

Create a Superprof Account

Superprof is an educational platform(an interface between educator and learner), you get a chance to teach community of enthusiastic learners and in return you are paid good for that. If Teaching was your passion, you should go for it.

Create a YouTube Account

If you have an exceptional talent like storytelling, singing, standup comedy, dancing or any. YouTube is one of the best platform to display your talent and if you are one surely you will make a way out to achieve success.

Bonus Tips

  • You should communicate with professionals on LinkedIn and build good relations with them, because that is what going to help you in long run
  • It is easy to get any role while directly approaching to a recruiter rather than trying on any platform
  • If you are beginner, focus to get a quality work experience than focusing to get a high pay
  • Never say no to the good opportunities coming your way
  • Discuss the opportunities you are getting with the connections you build on Twitter and LinkedIn; they won’t give you a wrong advice
  • Be consistent with your work
  • Get a chance to live your passion and earn some passive income


So, with these pro-tips on how to make money without a job, we are signing off from today’s drill, would meet you back again with many more exciting topics.

If you have any query, tell us in the comment section or write to us on [email protected] and our team would drill it down for you.

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