How to Increase Brain Chemicals or Hormones Naturally | 12 Tips

Increase Brain Chemicals or Hormones Naturally

Increase Brain Chemicals or Hormones Naturally: Hormones are the chemical messengers in the human body. These chemical messenger is in particular a communicating medium between two glands or between a gland and an organ. They travel across the body through bloodstream, responsible for controlling our mood and functioning of necessary operations such as controlling your heart rate, maintaining the digestion of your body and then helping in metabolism, growth, reproduction etc.

12 tips to Increase Brain Chemicals or Hormones Naturally

These hormones that incorporate with neurotransmitters and then together they moderate our feeling of well-being empowering our lifestyle in a positive way by letting us to form bond with people, feel happiness, sometime gaze sadness, experience all sought of pleasure and royalty around us.

Happier the hormone, better you!

The specific system which is responsible for moderating the release and production of hormones into the bloodstream is called as endocrine system. Networked by various glands, and then finally controlled by pituitary gland in the brain.

There is a key note, when these hormones are referred as neurotransmitters. The only key difference between these two ideologies come up when only in reference to place they are working in. For example:

Happy Hormones incorporate its own path and travel across the body through bloodstream, where as happy neurotransmitters occur only in between human brain and central nervous system limiting a connection through neurons.

What types of hormones make you happy?

There are four hormones that are responsible to mutate the feelings in you responding to joy, happiness, pleasure in you:

Serotonin (Good hormone) Regulates the mood


Responsible for sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory
Dopamine (Motivational Molecule) Functions out well with pleasurable sensation, help in learning memory, learning and motor system Responsible too pleasurable sensations


Oxytocin (Cuddle Hormone) Called as “Love Hormone”

Incorporate dependencies for child birth, breastfeeding, and parent-child bonding


Helps to sense out emotions deploy feeling of trust, care, concern, empathy, fidelity, and communication. Oxytocin levels generally increase with kissing, cuddling and sex.


Endorphins (Runner Hormone) Characterized has body’s natural pain reliever


Produced in response to stress and discomfort

Increases while doing workout, eating, or having sex. Can be considered to be useful when you turn out to do something productive.


12 Tips to Increase Brain Chemicals or Hormones Naturally

Boosting the production of happy hormones is entirely dependent upon following stress reliever methodologies which creates an impact organically. here are some tips to increase brain chemicals or hormones naturally:

1. Plan a trip to your nearby park

People are obsessed with a trip to a different country or a new place to fix up their mood levels. But that is not the case, “ A walk in a sunlight to a park, can do the same by boosting your endorphins and serotonin levels.”


  1. Don’t get in too much sun light, if your skin gets effected
  2. Purchase a sunscreen, apply and then go for a walk

2. Take out some time for exercise

De-coding the benefits exercise has could be highly in-compassed with lot of health benefits. It helps us to ordeal positivity in our life. A physical acts a booster for endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin levels, a valid thing for release of happy hormones in human body.


  1. Doing exercise with friends creates a positive impact
  2. Performing yoga in outdoor should be preferred
  3. Scheduling exercise for few minutes each day is ideal
  4. You should be consistent with exercise

3. Laugh out loud in community

Laughing out loud with people has always been an immense experience. If, you are blessed with a good community you will have wonders of reasons to laugh. A smile can be a booster from your mind, helping you to relieve feelings of anxiety, stress, increase dopamine and endorphin levels by improving the mood you subtle.

4. Bond with someone you love

Bonding with someone you love has always been a reverting experience. It increases our oxytocin level when we are with someone we really care and love about. Being with her gaze positivity, happiness, fidelity, trust. I get a chance to experience every sought of emotion her company. When you are connected with someone, brain releases dopamine, increases serotonin levels and producing oxytocin. Healing you with some positivity in you.

5. Listen to music

Music has always been a nature’s best produce, to render your soul with all amount of pleasure. Visualize, yourself sitting down under an old tree, with some old radio accompanying you and playing some favorite song of yours. Then, that won’t be less than a blessing for you.

Listening to a pop music, increases your dopamine level. Reciprocating you as a bathroom singer could be common for all of you. Even, research proclaims that singing, dancing, or playing any instruments increases your endorphin release in the body.

6. Meditation

Incorporating Meditation in your life, would be a wellness approach in life. Help in successful releasing of endorphin. Sitting down for Yoga is difficult at first, but with time you incorporate patience and start practicing Meditation. Try to enact in Yoga, it would be slang in happy vibes in you.

Pro Tip: How to chose a best place for Yoga?

Sitting down somewhere among the trees, feeling the fresh air and meditating is a dream of many. But that is not a need. If you get a comfortable and quiet place you are good to go. It is prescribed to meditate consistently and adopt a variant growth. If you acknowledge an uneven pattern of Yoga in your life, then that is not worth too do.

7. Romantic walk with your partner

Oxytocin hormone would be relatable to you, if you have ever acknowledged love in your life. You get a chance to go out with your partner for a walk, the whole setup is done. Then that feeling of care, trust, happiness, genuineness you share with each other increases your oxytocin levels.

8. Spending time with your pet

Pets are called to be the most lovable creature on earth. Let me explore the love of a pet for you,  because I myself have 2 dogs back at my home. They teach me a lot. Whenever, I play with them I just learn tons of things. The one is super-active, and another one is smart in doing any stuff. The way they acknowledge my love, the things I tell them boost me up and energize me with some positivity. This adding up of positivity increases oxytocin level in you.

9. Get a good sleep

As per the research, a sleep of 8 hours helps to maintain the balance of hormones in your body. But in current scenario a sleep of 8 hours is a myth. So to maintain the cyclic growth of hormones in you do some exercise.

Quick Tip:

  • Fix your hours of sleep
  • Create a peaceful environment of sleeping
  • Decrease intake of a drug, if you are on any

10. Get some quick massage

Massage is a way, too boost all your four happy hormones. Get some quick massage to let you experience all such happy things in life. There are different types of massage therapy such as:

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage

There are many more Massage that can help you develop a relaxing set back for you helping you too boost endorphins and oxytocin.

11. Consume some carbs in your diet

Add some carbohydrate in your diet that helps you increase serotonin levels. To get a best mood and disorient negativity in your life. Highest sources of Carbs are found in fruits, grains, vegetable and milk products.

12. Dinner with family

Try to have a dinner with your family that help you share vibes with each other. Thereby, letting every family member to setup a holistic environment helping in growth of each other. When, you are on a dinner table, the frequency of the vibes you get from each other increase the release of hormones and help you feel relieved from any stress in your life. One gets advised, One gets appreciated, and lot more things happening can change your mood completely.

Who plays the major role in the production of happy hormones?

Gut Microbiome is responsible for the production of these neurotransmitters. Allowing nervous system to connect with the gut, letting neurons to communicate with each other. These neurons are then influenced with the help of tips shared above to hack the hormones.


Be happy and let others stay happy. With this thought, we are signing off from today’s topic, “how to increase brain chemicals or hormones naturally”, would meet you back again with more exciting topics that could add value to your life.

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