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Keys to a Successful Relationship

The entire idea of co-existing with other organisms and sharing with each other gives rise to relationships. Living beings in the higher order have a more developed mental anatomy. Abstract things like feelings, sacrifices and the want to stay with another being provides the need to the emergence and the keys to a successful relationship.

Any relationship can be unique and involves any one of any age, color, sex, race, species. Every relationship between two or more people is very different every other relationship, meaning all relationships are unique in themselves. The nature of the relationships might be same but the involvement differs.

Relationships need a lot of emotional and physical investment in them. It is always a two way path where people are either on the same or opposite direction. The nature of a relationship determines the length of a relationship on the basis of amount of energy invested by the participants.

In this stage of life, the relationships start to build on the basis of mutual likes and dislikes, practices of certain activities. A teenager starts to mature in terms of physique and psycho sexuality.

Love interests which also come in different names like ‘crushes’, ‘infatuations’, etc. The most common these days are open relationships.

Now, what is an open relationship?

Open relationship is quite different compared to traditional relationships.

You tend to have no interference in your partner’s life. Both of the parties can have their lifestyle which is no longer dependent on one another. You don’t have a right to question your partner’s personal, social, or any financial decision.

Open relationships would be an asset or a liability to you, this entirely depends on your  relationship goals.

Understanding a relationship is not easy but is not very complicated either. This article brings out the essential keys required to understand a relationship to the very core.

5 Keys to a Successful Relationship

Getting attracted towards someone is quite agnostic and easy. Though it is not good to plan in relationship, but to plan things out that can build up a healthy relationship is better. In order to understand any relationship to its very core, they have to broken down to their fundamental components.

Lets understand this with some situations:

1. Understanding each other | Keys to a Successful Relationship

Understanding each other is a very heavy statement when it comes to relationships. In every relationship, the understanding between the participants is crucial. There might be initial problems arising to misunderstanding but again that is normal and is necessary to the growth of understanding. Soon, after a few altercations and exchange of verbal hurling treats this problem and the participants start to understand each other. Sometimes, they understand each other so well that they are often found on the same note rather than not agreeing to each other.

This important factor builds up and should be upgraded in the initial phases of the relationship when the participants get to know each other. Understanding each other is not a simple task. It involves letting go of various attributes like ego, selfishness and teaches the participants to become more caring, selfless, respectful, thoughtful and the affinity towards each other increases.

Suppose a newly married couple, of whom both partners have day jobs and are almost busy from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening. On a certain day they decide to go to the theaters at sharp 8:00 in the evening. But due to some slight altercation between the two of them, one of them woke early in the morning and started to dress quite different from the other mornings. The other participant then wakes up to get ready for work and finds the other half looking all prim ready for an occasion. If they would have been clear with themselves about going to the theaters in the evening,this incident might not have happened.

Another example of misunderstanding can be of adolescent couples. The attribute of understanding lacks in these youngsters because they are in the budding stage of life in terms of physical and mental aspects of their bodies. One half of the couple dislikes the other half’s choice of friends and asks him or her to stay away from them. Now the other person takes it personally and confuses the space occupied by the other half with that of his other friends. A massive confusion is born out of novice behavior. Soon, they will start to avoid each other just to prove each other wrong. In other instance, the same people understand each other. Even though one half of the couple dislikes the other half’s choice of friends, he or she maintains the tone of diplomacy and strikes off the problems that the other half faces when he or she is with his or her friends. Now the other half is thoughtful about his or her friends and decides to analyse his or her friendship with the friends. This notion of criticism is appreciated and is not at all hostile but aims at mutual improvement.

2. Ease out the Flames of Romance | Keys to a Successful Relationship

If you have developed a good understanding, the other thing that can help you develop a beautiful relationship is Romance possessed between two couple. You need to ignite the flames of romance between both of you with time to strengthen your bond.

This is usually restricted only romantic relationships where feelings of love and hatred are on the same page but consummation of love is not the only way to ease out flames of romance. Big gifts which are expensive might be a great choice to show your love but what matters is an even bigger intent to present someone with your love. All gentle and subtle gestures of care, love, slight hints of possession will do you no harm but on the contrary will help you shorten the distance between the both of you to create a mutual space of love. Romantic relationships always thrive on the very basis of care and possessiveness. The very idea of gifting each little gifts is based on the choice of a person. Suppose, of the two people in a romantic relationship, one does not prefer jewellery but likes the idea of toys. This might sound really stupid for all of us but the other person will actually buy a small toy instead of jewellery.

Another instance would be of visiting any place. Suppose a couple visit a hill station to spend their week together. However, one of the two persons suffers from low blood pressure and climbing up the hill will be a tedious job. But this person does not stop himself or herself from climbing the hill. On the contrary, he or she starts to train himself or herself to climb up a hill. The person does that not because climbing a hill stands as a challenge but only because the opposite person would be disappointed. Such gestures are far from small and do not cost you any money. But what it does is, it strengthens the relationship and builds up even more trust and respect for each other.

There are moments of life where situations are not always favorable. But it is a wise person’s move and a good person’s choice of gesture that justifies the love that this person has towards the another. You can have as much money possible, as many houses and cars but what counts is the want and intensity to ease out flames of romance. You might be absolutely smitten by some person but you soon lose interest because the other person demands a certain negative attribute of yours to be removed which you want to retain. Therefore, gestures also involve acceptance, confidence in oneself and also sacrifices.

3. Share your Life Goals with your Partner | Keys to a Successful Relationship

Sharing life goals is not an easy job. It is essentially occupying a common ground when it comes to long term life goals. When someone mentions goals, the first thing that comes in mind is sharing a common space like enjoying things together, looking forward to things and most importantly trusting each other.

As per the researchers, the partners who share their work together they have a better understand and is able to maintain the work-life balance. Involving your partner in your goals give them sense of care, concern and belongingness towards you.

When it comes to sharing life goals there will often be things that either of the partners in a relationship would not like, or rather dislike to the fullest. Trusting each other cuts down fear to a great extent. Not only that it is a fact that like-minded persons in a relationship do have greater chances of removing phobias and accomplishing higher order jobs and tasks efficiently.

There can be very interesting things to do when it comes to completing goals. Suppose, either of the partners is scared of deep pools of water. However, the other partner knows how to swim but is out of practice for quite some time now. One unique situation arises out of this. One is afraid while the other is not; here comes the part where ‘trust’ comes in. For a goal which in this case is swimming, the presence of the person who knows swimming will cut down the fear of water and will ensure a steady growth of the skill of swimming. Soon enough the couple can be seen swimming across vast stretches of water bodies and conquering the earth.

The work-life balance is a key factor to sharing life goals. Hectic work schedules and a packed day ruins all activities and plans kept in mind for the next day or week. In this way there is a mild animosity built in a relationship. And about sharing life-goals that will become a distant dream. In order to function and plan accordingly, the couple needs to be very frank and clear with each other with regard to all spheres of life. Like mindedness is to be kept while planning. Likes, dislikes, wants, excess – these are a few things that determine goals and always make sure to enjoy it, not take it seriously as if it were a job.

4. Gravity towards the Emotional Sensitivity | Keys to a Successful Relationship

Emotional sensitivity is a very grave aspect of a relationship. Right from childhood, emotions play a very important role in life and shape a person throughout their life.

Don’t be an emotional fool in a relationship, rather than try to be much more improvised and caring towards your partner life. There has been wise saying,  The one who doesn’t show gravity towards their partner’s life, sooner experience quirky eyes.

Ignoring emotions and its effect in life is an ignoramus’ thought and shows how immature and inexperienced a person can be. There is a fine line between an ‘emotional fool’ and an ‘emotional person’. There might be instances where you cannot judge a person or a situation and end up doing or thinking something impulsive which is simply out of emotions. Instead think both from your heart and brain. Keep in mind the importance of both ration and emotions at the same time; and maintain an equal ratio between the two of them.

The idea of emotional sensitivity is not a popular one but is slowly getting out of wraps. Understanding each other is not rocket science but is obtained by a trial and error method. Once established the gravity actually plays a very crucial role in the sustenance of the relationship even in the toughest of times. Fights, arguments, even bigger fights and misunderstandings are just cloudy days in a relationship; are also very important. But in most instances they result in separation or a toxic aftermath. This is not due to some problem or inadequacy in either of the partners but is due to the desire of staying static, not expressing want to change.

Emotions are like very potent hormones in one’s body. They are very subtle in nature and emerge during very specific situations. Emotional outbreaks and fluctuations are not new. They have been present since a long time. Emotions, if understood, play a very important role in the establishment of a relationship. A child is attached to his or her mother, not only because they are family; but also because they share a deep understanding of each other’s emotion. People in their youth experience a lot of emotions and the ones who experience a ‘click’ understand each other. So, when you are looking forward to a relationship, always wait for a ‘click’. It is much better when it ‘clicks’.

5. Intimacy with Partner | Keys to a Successful Relationship

Intimacy is another concept of closeness. It is often misjudged with only sexual relationships where two partners are close to each other physically. But relationships are much more than just sex and emotions.

Like the aforementioned characteristics, this is a very crucial pointer to a successful relationship. When it comes to intimacy, the mental adjustment is more important than the physical one. Comfort is not achieved in one day or just by the implementation of a few actions and changes. Intimacy is the result of hard work; hard work spent on breaking and improving likes, dislikes, adjusting to each other, make each other feel at home. Of all honesty stands at top. If partners were honest to each other, half of their problems would have been solved. Mistakes are not crimes but when played on a dishonest note, they are even more effective than crimes.

When approaching a certain problem in a relationship, honesty kills any need to improvise and give space to lies. However, there are certain situations where honest answers may hurt the sentiments of the opposite side but in these cases the other partner must take care to put the case mildly and with the right choice of words.

When it comes to physical intimacy, there is not much to look forward to. Respect boundaries and trust each other. There is always an end to something spicy and exotic. Try to keep things simple and crisp; complicated things are best when observed seldom. Do not force each other to commit to things which are not comfortable and need a lot of energy. Take things slowly and climb the hill gradually.

Nothing is fiercer than a calm sea and calmer than a steep hill. It is advised to wait for each other and hurry when time calls for it.

And, then get your partner involved in your life decision, you could make them believe that you trust their decision and their contribution values to your life.


Relationships are connections between people with common interests. They may be creative, romantic, beautiful, ugly, crooked, smooth and anything that can be described with words. They are more than just connections and differ to each other. Therefore, every relationship is different to each other.

This article was more about the keys to a successful relationship than the others. Romance burns out sooner than expected but it the duty of the participants of the relationship to rekindle it even in the worst of situations.

With this, we are signing off. We will be back with more exciting topics to ponder on. If you have any query, write us to [email protected], all queries are welcome and will be answered to, with the utmost of care and devotion.

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