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Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet Vacuum Cleaner: Are you irritated and upset from your household chores and pet services? Do you think you need someone to assist you every time you have guests or your pet litters your home?

My suggestion would be to go for a handheld vacuum cleaner.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is nothing but a mini vacuum cleaner with all the features and characteristics of a vacuum cleaner, portability being the most significant quality. It is very small, quite handy, and very convenient to use. It is very easy to manage, lightweight, and very efficient gadget.

What are the uses of a Handheld and Quiet Vacuum Cleaner?

  • If you are a pet owner then this handy machine is really useful as it takes away all the pet hair and all the waste material that is released by our pets
  • It is beneficial in removing dust and mites from rugs, mattresses, and curtains
  • It can also catch hold of spiders and other insects.
  • It can help in cleaning all the kitchen appliances and floor corners more efficiently
  • It can assist you in cleaning cars, stairs and finding tiny items

What are things to consider before buying a handheld vacuum cleaner?

  • A robust material and durable product are something you should always opt for.
  • Analyse the type of floors you have and the material of things for which you wish to use a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Also make sure to buy a vacuum cleaner by keeping in mind the amount of time you will be using it.
  • The most looked feature of any unit of vacuum cleaner is the amount of noise it makes. So, ensure the safety of your ears and buy a product whose noise you and your family members can withstand.
  • Always compare your product with others as far as cost and features are concerned.
  • Last but not the least, maintenance of any product counts a lot. You are going to buy a product which will help you clean other things but don’t forget that the appliance itself should also be always in a good condition. So do take care about the ease and comfort of cleaning and maintaining it.

11 Best Handheld and Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Listed below are some top handheld and quiet vacuum cleaner with their description and reviews:

1. Audew Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Quiet Vacuum CleanerDescription

It is an amazing product with a handy design and comfortable fit into hands body. It is really efficient and functions quite well. The best part? it doesn’t make much noise. This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner allows you to move freely from one room to another. It’s ergonomically design and lightweight feature will help you escape from fatigue clean. It is a perfect addition to someone who is a cleanliness freak. It provides a relaxing atmosphere for cleaning. Apart from this, the company offers 45 days complete refund policy if the product is not damaged at all.


  • It has built-in cyclone technology which provides a continuous powerful suction
  • It is perfect for cleaning dust, paper scraps, small stones and liquids
  • It can be used for long time duration
  • It gets quickly charged quickly through its powerful 2200mAh lithium-ion battery
  • It has 3 attachments; a crevice nozzle, a brush nozzle and a soft long tube
  • The sponge is washable and reusable plus the filter is made of stainless steel

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It is safe as it provides over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection
  • No matter in home, office or car you will always find it easy to clean with it
  • The funnel attachment doesn’t seem super secure
  • Takes longer to vacuum anything that isn’t corners


2. Gee Mo Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet Vacuum CleanerDescription

A good value for money indeed. The parts and material are of supreme quality. This unit is quite durable and requires less maintenance. The easy to clean feature is the major attraction. It cleans the most hidden corners with perfect accuracy and keeps the dirt trapped in a filter bag. It comes with a feature of using it irrespective of the material be it dry or wet. So, no more worry about liquid waste cleaning from now onwards. The best part of this vacuum is it can be operated at a frequency lower than 75 dB which helps you to perform all the major operation without creating any sought of disturbance in your house.


  • It easily cleans dust, crumbs, cat litter, pet hairs, spilled milk liquids etc
  • It has a powerful 4x2200mAh high capacity Li-ion battery
  • It is a 0.91kg lightweight and cordless portable vacuum cleaner
  • It has 3 serviceable attachments; flat suction and extended suction nozzle can clean the trunk, keyboard, hard-to-reach corners between furniture and walls

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • This handheld cleaner is easy to clean and empty
  • It’s a small handheld vacuum that does its job
  • If you suck up a cheerio or say popcorn it will clog up and it will not work


3. Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum

Quiet Vacuum CleanerDescription

An excellent product at such low-priced rates in the market. It is persistent, stable as well as robust. The functionality of this unit is applaudable and has a fairly good battery backup which is the most needed quality. It has an exceptional amount of mediocrity which makes it the most effective piece under this brand. It is best at picking up pet hair and is therefore the most popular among pet lovers.


  • It utilizes a 100W ultra-high power motor with suction up to 8Kpa
  • It has a 4x2200mah high capacity Lithium battery
  • It is portable, cordless and has 3 attachments
  • This handheld can be fully charge in 3-4 hours
  • The temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection, and short circuit protection makes sure that there are no causalities while using it

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • This amazing cleaner can also clear those hard-to-reach unseen motes with ease
  • It is to clean and maintain
  • Suction needs to be improve since it won’t work well over carpet so cleaning cars can be difficult


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4. Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet Vacuum CleanerDescription

The most reasonable product with a flexible as well as classy design. It is truly efficient and requires very less maintenance. The durability of the product is incredible. It is built with such a strength that it can pick up sand and pebbles as well. It can also clean cushions and car seats. It comes along with a 16 foot power cord. It gives you the freedom to move it anywhere in the house without any difficulty.


  • It offers quick flip crevice tool which helps in the process of detail cleaning
  • It uses a 7 AMP motor
  • It has a bag less design and is lightweight and thus easy to carry
  • It has a long lasting performance with a .45L dirt cup
  • With a detachable 2.5ft hose, it’s great for all different messes from sand to pebbles

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It is perfect for cleaning home, car, and workshop
  • It allows breeze to reach all the areas by cleaning all the proctored areas
  • At times, the vents on the sides spit dirt back at you


5. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Quiet Vacuum CleanerDescription

An easy to clean and store product. It is quite affordable and persistent. Its slender design is not only stylish but also takes up very little space and he base also stores your attachments so they are always handy. Emptying it is also super simple. It’s power and battery life are perfect. It is very effective at getting into spaces in cars too. It is really a must buy!


  • It has a powerful suction and a brushless motor  which is a plus point
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean
  • The large debris and the fine dust could be easily picked up using tapered nozzle
  • It is a fast charging and compact product

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It is durable and worth the price
  • The brush attachment included is very thin and only goes around 3 out of 4 sides on the wand


6. Vac Life Handheld Vacuum

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

It has a great performance and the portability of the product is amazing. The handiness and flexibility make it popular among customers. It is well suited for all types of materials. The suction pull is very powerful and has an outstanding battery life. It comes with attachments to allow normal cleaning areas as well as cleaning spills and crevices, and an extension hose to make it further reaching.


  • The cordless hand vacuum is incorporated with a super-strong motor providing powerful suction
  • Quite helpful for daily processing such as cleaning of hair and dust back in the house
  • It is equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet all cleaning needs.
  • It is handy and is accustomed with difficult regions
  • Super bright LED lights add a value to the product and ensure that there is no blind corners in it
  • It has a stainless steel HEPA filter, which is washable and more durable.

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • An excellent choice for both car and home!
  • The detachable dust cup is good for quick and easy trash dumping, and is even customized to perform cleaning work
  • The filter clogs a lot


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7. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

The processing and adaptability of the product is great. It is comfortable to use and doesn’t even make much noise. The cleaning and maintenance are also up to the mark. It is capable of making your house and environment dust free. It has an inbuilt deep cleaning system which makes it far more effective. The robust and long-lasting body adds to the features and makes this unit even more attractive.


  • It has multi layer filtration and uses the Cyclonic Cleaning System
  • It has 16 feet power cord and a dirt cup capacity of 0.78 L
  • It cleans stairs, upholstery and hard surfaces.
  • Quite effective to use on areas such as stairs and upholstery, because it comes up with rubble Nozzle

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It is lightweight, compact and versatile
  • It is also easy to empty
  • Comes up with a clean filter, responsible for maintain the cleaning performance
  • Filters are not good for prolonged use, as it becomes dirty and eventually clog
  • It is not recommended to use dirty or worn filter as it diminishes the performance of the product


8. BLACK+DECKER dust buster Handheld Vacuum

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

It is so far the most affordable unit with all good features. The unit charges quickly and offers long lasting usage. The portability of the appliance is a major feature. It is really a dust buster when it comes to cleaning and making the atmosphere pure. The floor head and pet brush features compliment the value of this unit. The most impressive feature is its longevity.


  • It has a dustbowl capacity 13 ounces
  • Lithium Technology comes up with strong suction and extensible running time
  • It has an increased bowl capacity, washable bowl and a filter
  • Wide mouth design is recommended for large debris and cyclonic action, the reason behind this it help to keep filter clean and suction strong

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It charges quickly
  • While picking up, spilled powder or dust or cold ashes it blows it out from the back end.
  • Moreover, when you open unwieldy handle to clean it, then it doesn’t lie down flat and rolls around


9. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

The product is extremely manageable and flexible. The durability is also really good. The unit is portable and has an elegant design which makes it comfortable to use. It can be used on both wet as well as dry surfaces and can perform well on carpets and curtains. It is the most affordable product for those who are looking for a bagless unit as it comes with a reusable free red bag.


  • It makes cleaning convenient and has a powerful motor
  • Easy rest is specially designed to prop the vacuum up on the counter tops and furniture
  • It has LED headlights to ensure better cleaning
  • It has rechargeable 25.2V Lithium Ion Battery
  • It easily converts to a cordless handheld vacuum with versatile accessories

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • Excellent entry level cordless from a trusted name brand and at a good price
  • It has no real charge level indicator just a light for half charge and full charge
  • It has a collection canister can be tricky to snap back in place.


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10. GOOVI by ONSON Handheld Vacuum

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

The charging feature is tremendous as it contains a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and LED Brush. It is really efficient as it keeps the environment free from tiny debris too. It is easy to handle and doesn’t require much maintenance too. It sucks up dust, pet hair and tiny particles in minutes. It provides you with 10Kpa suction power to perform deep cleaning thoroughly.


  • It utilizes a 120W high power motor to provide 8Kpa super suction.
  • It helps in deeper cleaning and provides a cleaner living environment for your family.
  • It is preferably designed to optimize the user experience by being lighter and convenient to handle.
  • The appliance has an inbuilt 14.8V rechargeable lithium-ion battery taking only 3-4 hours to be completely charged

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • It easily removes dust, food residue, particles, pet hair in the house or your car
  • It’s pretty comfortable to hold
  • The unit does not have great suction
  • There is no provision for the attachments


11. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

quietest handheld vacuumDescription

The most affordable product with the special feature of HEPA filter. It is not much noisy and is really comfortable and flexible to use. The design and quality of material is applaudable. It comes along with a detachable battery which is quite useful and convenient. It offers a 45-minute cordless vacuum usage and has a multi stage cyclone filtering mode thus offering 100 % efficiency in cleaning.


  • It has an adjustable extension tube to meet more needs
  • It is quite good with handheld mode and is in use for variety of brush heads
  • It has high-density HEPA which removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns
  • The main machine weights around 3.3lb, comes up with different attachments responsible for performing different task
  • Ergonomic handle is easily accessed as people can easily hold the machine to finish cleaning
  • It comes up with 2200mAh battery that can be fully charged in 5 hours

Customer Feedback (Mix)

  • Quite good to go with different kinds of hard floors, carpet, stairs, windowsills, sofa, bed, desk, curtain etc.
  • It is not a heavy duty suction cleaner and doesn’t pick up many things



Q1. How often do I change the vacuum bag?

It all depends upon what things are you vacuuming. For instance, if it’s just dust and fine particles then you may change your bag 1-2 times in every 6 months. Else you can change it whenever its full.

Q2. If a vacuum cleaner has a more powerful motor, does that mean it has more suction power?

Powerful motor measures the amount of current and not the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. The performance of the vacuum cleaner depends on the three major things that are complete design, the filtering method and the air flow.

Q3. How do you deodorize a vacuum cleaner?

On extensively using a vacuum cleaner the filter and bag both become smelly and stink badly. For this you need to regularly clean the bag with a cotton cloth and empty the filter regularly. Make sure your vacuum’s dirt container and filters are clean. Then you need to make sure the attachments and hose are free from dust particles. Do check the user guide so as to be double sure.

Q4. What is suction pressure in vacuum cleaners?

The maximum pressure difference that the pump can create while cleaning is called suction. A vacuum cleaner typically used for domestic purposes has a suction of about -20 kPa.

Q5. Can I use a vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors?

Yes, definitely a vacuum cleaner is the best choice to remove all the dust and dirt from hardwood floors. It is really convenient to use it on such materials and turns out to be the best possible way to clean hardwood floors.

Q6. How can I improve the suction on my vacuum cleaner?

The following are the steps or ways to improve suction of your vacuum cleaner:

  • Empty your vacuum regularly
  • Clean your Vacuum and gaskets on a daily basis
  • Cut the hair off the rotating brush
  • Check for clogs and air leaks
  • Change the Filters


I am sure that after considering the above items you would have made up your mind on which one to pick. Handheld quiet vacuum cleaner are the best appliances anyone could think to purchase. They are so effective and multi -purpose.  They help us perform our work with a lot of ease and relaxation.

So just stop here and get one!

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