11 Things to Do in Quarantine with Kids and Friends

11 Things to Do in Quarantine with Kids

How it feels to be caged? Everyone has been through that phase in life when they just don’t feel like they can get out of something. To many of us Coronavirus or Covid-19 is similar to that phase. Many of us don’t know what things to do in quarantine with kids and friends.

2020 is the most unfortunate time in which we are living. The whole world is struggling due to Coronavirus or COVID-19. This pandemic has taken thousands of innocent lives. People across the world are preferring to stay at home in such unavoidable situation. Government agencies are doing the best they can to reduce the effects of COVID-19. Staying home is the only solution which means many of us have a lot of time in our hands. You should not waste this time by blaming everything.

So whether you’re at home with your kids or in a tiny apartment with your friend dreaming about your own business, or alone with your pet. Now, let us dive deep into the list of things, we can do to make our quarantine much more enjoyable. From live streams to virtual touring, these activities will keep you engaged, entertained, and informed.

Things to Do in Quarantine with Kids and Family

Following are the things to do in quarantine with kids and your friends:

1. Take a Virtual Trip from Home (Using YouTube)

We all are temporarily grounded but thanks to the internet. You are just a click away to incorporate the beautiful world around you.

From visiting world famous theme parks to climbing the tallest mountains. Internet allows us to witness eye-popping phenomena. Explore the tallest mountain and tour cities you’ve dreamed of visiting. The best part is you can do all of this from your couch.

NOTE: For best experience use VR Headset

2. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the easiest platform to showcase your talent to the world. If you have any hidden talent and you think to show that to the world then you should start a new YouTube channel.

If you are good at stand-up comedy, dancing, singing, teaching or more, just record some videos and upload it on YouTube. If you have confidence in yourself and if it goes well then it may also become your earning source.

You don’t need any complex tools or a very high-quality camera to start your channel. Your smartphone is enough to start recording amazing videos. So, don’t hesitate to showcase your talent and make the most of this time.

3. Learn TikT..

Never mind, Next :p

4. Freelancing

Is there any harm to earn some extra bucks during quarantine? Of course not. Doing Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money. No matter what you like you can use your skill to earn money.

Sign up on the popular freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fivver, Freelancer, and more to showcase your skill by uploading some demo work on your account.

If you are willing to do your work then you will easily get your initial clients. So don’t wait for opportunities know your door, make your own door and smash it. You can’t get the right time to start your freelancing journey than this.

5. Skill Yourself Up by Learning a New Course

COVID-19 situation if exist for long could affect your mainstream job. Try to level up your profile, ensuring job security.. There are many online classes from Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and more where you can find ways to earn money during quarantine.

From learning a new language or editing a video to becoming an expert at photoshop add these courses to your cart and learn something new. Make the perfect use of this break and fill in the gaps of your resume and yes save cost!

6. Workout or Practice Yoga

Health is wealth and everyone knows it very well. Why we are not using this time by learning and practicing yoga or working out at home?

Practicing Yoga and doing it in the right way will help you to achieve the peace of mind during this tough time. You really don’t need any special classes to learn Yoga. Learn by watching some Good Quality Videos which are easily available on YouTube.

Doing Yoga or working out is one of the best and productive ways you can utilize this time. It is a golden chance to wake up at your own time and practice some fun and easy exercises. Give that sluggish body a good stretch. These are things to do in quarantine with kids.

7. Clean the Clutter

The second best method to keep oneself safe during this pandemic is to keep the surroundings clean and safe. Plan to clean and organize all the unnecessary things.

From photos, videos, e-mails, from your mobiles to expired edibles from the fridge and wardrobe. It is always a good idea to clear away the clutter once and for all. You can also post a ad on OLX and discover the peace of mind + money that has been hiding underneath.

8. Start Reading

Reading books may look like a boring task but you won’t believe good books can make you addictive. It can bring the positive changes in your life.

Search some good books as per your interest like any favorite novel and start reading it. Spotify could be a good alternative for people to start.

Rub off the dust, grab a cup of coffee, Collect books of various genres and absorb all the knowledge like a vacuum cleaner.

You may not like it at your start but give yourself some time and believe me you will then enjoy it.

9. Make Smart Money Move

This is an excellent time to take a close look at your spending and save wherever possible that will only help you in the future.

There are many things you can do such as, establish an emergency fund, File your taxes, look at your investments, Consider insurance options, Switch banks, Talk about money with your family, Get your credit reports, and much more.

Make smart money move to get through this quarantine.

10. Start Blogging

If you like writing this is sufficient time to start your brand new blog and the best way to utilize this time. Drill it Down is the live and perfect example of blogging.

You can also earn money from your blog once you have a good reach. You just need some patience and continuous work to achieve the same. So, don’t waste this time and start your own blog.

11. Learn Cooking or Making Drinking Recipes

You can’t live without food and someday or somewhere you will have to cook for yourself.

Cooking is fun way to relieve stress during this quarantine. Try to explore the world cultures, customs, and flavors through your cooking.

From Cocktails and Mocktail to making homemade spicy dishes and chocolate cakes you will actually gain knowledge about different ingredients, taste, and their nutritional value.

12. Dance the night away

What if the clubs are closed, you can still get down and dirty in your room with others on the screen.

Enjoy a dance party with your friends. Choose your favorite tunes or join other group. Play games like Monopoly, Ludo, Snake and Ladders and have an amazing time as you re-connect.


In this article, we have shown you the best productive things that you can do in quarantine with your kids and friends.

Remember, self-isolation could have a physical impact on your health. Implement the strategies we discussed to fight against isolation and loneliness. Ask yourself the following questions before you start your day:

  • What are the things you want to accomplish by the end of the day?
  • What can make you happy today?
  • Find out the person whom you want to text or check on?

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