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Unemployment Rate in USA Today

Unemployment Rate in USA Today: The COVID-19 outbreak created a booming impact on the business sector related to tourism, dining, or public events from the onset of the crisis. Even after the immense destruction of approximately five month, the number of COVID-19 cases is unstoppable.

As advised by World Health Organization (WHO) , the only possible to prevent the mass spread of COVID-19 is “Social Distancing”. Arrival of such a situation and passing of such a law reduced the total number of social events taking place in the country. Downtrading in number of hospitality and leisure jobs was observed by 41%. In May, 2019 16.5 Millions jobs were present compared to 9.8 Million jobs present currently.

Hospitals, Dental office, saloon, restaurant, theater, sports events and still prohibited. This has been one of the largest economic setback to the states in US. Currently, the increase rate is not lowering down in US and some major industries are hit badly. This article would interpret some “solutions to lower down unemployment rate in USA today”.

Solutions to Unemployment Rate

Due to COVID Outbreak there are some sectors which are even booming. So, in the current scenario to reduce the unemployment rate you need to get yourself intact with the booming sectors. Let us conspire such sectors:


Ed-Online (Online Education Platforms has been the most influential platform currently. During COVID-19 many American students were obliged to continue their education from their home so this conspired a tremendous boost in the frequency of the students learning over the particular platform.

Ways to turn this Ed-Tech opportunity productive:

  • Conspire to learn any particular course in any particular niche you are interested
  • When you, skills yourself in a particular domain apply for various positions:
  • Course Content Review Jobs
  • Doubt Solving Expert
  • Tutoring Jobs
  • Be an education consultant
  • Start your own classes using video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • Look for the requirement in your locality, and turn that into opportunity

Online Gaming

Online Gaming is one of the booming sectors in USA. Large number of audience love to witness online games. These are some celebrated job profiles, that can help you gain some profit in this COVID-19:

  • Video Game Tester
  • Implement your creative mindset, and be a FREELANCE GAMING CONTENT WRITER
  • Be a Proofreader for gaming services
  • Take part in online gaming battles
  • Start your own YouTube Channel and stream your gaming sessions
  • If you are a developer, develop and publish your own game

You can refer to freelancing platforms like Upwork,  Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and many other to know more about the available opportunities.


With implication of COVID-19, the medical sectors are currently on boom. The requirement of essentials and working staff is quite less. Requirement of the essentials like MASK, PPE Kits, is quite less. In such a scenario, a designer or clothing specialist can strike up with exact opportunity. One can volunteer and develop the essential requirements following the Government guidelines and sell the products and nominal price in their region. With such an initiative, you get a chance to contribute in this scenario.

Online Media

The consumption of the internet in the recent times has increased rapidly in last few months. Online Platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime are successfully launching many new web shows and movies. Isn’t it a good time to start a blogging platform providing review to the launched movies or web shows? I guess it is one, with each new series out, you have an opportunity to watch and give your reviews regarding that web series. And, if the things go well, who knows after this lockdown you launch your company.


With supermarket owners whopping down in their houses, E-Retails company have started taking their hold in the market. The supply chain of E-Retails is increasing each day as Amazon.com INC recently announced to recruit 1,00,000 warehouse and supply workers. You can successfully apply for the position in E-Retail companies and you even a high probability of getting selected.

The second way to make profit from E-Commerce Business is to register yourself as a seller over these platform, if you can meet the requirements of the people in the current scenario.

Robotics and Drones

Robotics is a booming sector, in this COVID-19 outbreak as it is advised to maintain the social distance, Robotics can help us in maintaining distance between the infected and expected COVID-19 cases. Could be a booster than can create an impact in the work life of doctors and police officials who are currently on duty. Drones could help to deliver essential services in the region where the disease is more widespread.

It can be a perfect opportunity for tech startup as it is one of booming field that can bring a change in the society.

Video Conferencing Platforms

The usage of Video Conferencing Platform is quite high. From educational institutions to the corporate world everyone is dependent right down these conferencing platforms. Their strikes in an opportunity that can help you volunteer the current scenario by developing a platform for your institution to host day-to-day test, submit assignment, raising students to maintain positive attitude toward studies.

DIY and Home Improvement

Being quarantined at home, people are spending their quarantine time by fixing broken walls, terminating out the waste products, cleaning gardens and many such household chores maintain their house. As per the recent trends, housing, gardening products are in great demand recently. With the increase setup people are even preferring to hire a worker helping them in improving the house following all medical guidelines.

Health and Fitness

Though Health and Fitness Industry faced a lot in time of crisis. But, American residents are focusing on their health and hiring personal fitness trainers or nutrition expert who are helping them to stay fit using Skype or other video conferencing platforms.

Rationalizing all these facts, our team implicated out the opportunities one can take in during this pandemic to support himself/herself economically. And, when you implicate your thoughts deeper to the problems you will get a right set of solutions.


With this thought, we are signing off from today’s topic on Unemployment Rate in USA Today, would meet you back again with more exciting and informative topics that can create an impact in the society.

If you have any query write us at [email protected] our team will drill it down for you.

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