Why is Creativity Important? | How to Develop an Creative Environment?

Why is Creativity Important

Creativity begins with a basic foundation of knowledge, mastering a discipline, and developing a way of associating. You can learn to be creative by observing, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synchronizing information. Learning to be creative is something analogous to Learning a new sport. It requires practice to develop the right muscles and a supportive environment in which one can flourish with time.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

If you are imaginative, you can think about great solutions. But, if you are creative, you can combine your ideas in extraordinary ways to produce great solutions.

What is Creativity? Why is Creativity Important?

Creativity is a way to add a feel to your self-owned creations. It is all about turning your imagination into reality.  Creativity could be categorized as a ability to produce or recognize ideas, possibilities, or alternatives that can help one to develop a methods to face future challenges.


Creativity is something that comes out like an experience to the folks who are CONSTANTLY striving to learn, acknowledge, and act out taking in all risk in their life to stand out positively.

You should prefer to be an artist of your life rather than being a craftsman. WHY? Checkout the following table:

Artist  Craftsman
Creative (Owns an idea) Repetitive (Copy an Idea)
Influencer Influenced
Well-educated Well-Trained

Creativity Components | Why is Creativity Important?

Creativity is a mixture of several feasible traits such as originality of ideas, flexible mindset, innovative ideologies, competent attitude towards new things out in the market. Let us discuss several components of creativity and mention the activities to develop each of the components.

1. Continuity

You all must be aware of the term, “Continuous functions”. So, like continuous functions, continuity here determines your feasibility to show-in your credible mindset with time. If you are the one who can think about different ideas continuously, then you are good with these components of creativity.

Now, what is cliché over here?

Do you write down the ideas, that you ever think about? No, you don’t.

All you need to do is to get yourself updated with new innovations that are taking place around you? But Still you don’t do that.

All you need to connect the dots in your mind and to re-create them all in a way that can improve your knowledge and help you to do re-evolution.

2. Flexibility

Do you know the favorite dress of your mom? Yes, you know.

Do you know the favorite dress of your girlfriend? Yes, you know.

Now, you went out to a store with them for shopping, there could be many relatable scenarios. Let us discuss them over here:

Scenario 1: Both of them liked the similar dress.

Scenario 2: None of them liked each other’s choice

Scenario 3: They both loved two dresses, but you had money to purchase only one.

Scenario 4: They didn’t love either of the dresses

So, there could be many such similar scenarios as I have discussed above. So, you should be flexible and prepared enough to deal with each and every situation before planning out a trip with your girlfriend and mom.

3. Originality

Have you ever planned a surprise for your love?

Have you ever prepared something for your parents?

If yes, then have you recorded their reaction?

These little things develop the creative sphere of your brain positively. A love-relationship can help you develop quite a good amount of original thoughts to surprise your love.

Such types of folks are always ready to start anything on their own without getting influenced by someone else creations.

4. Expansion

You are good enough with innovating something creative, but you are not able to let people understand the vision behind your innovation. You need to develop a skill of exaggerating about your work in a way, that seems interesting to the people around you.

Yeah! If you are done with all the four ingredients, then yes, you are one step closer to a journey of being creative.

Now, you would be doubtful about: How to develop a creative headspace/environment around you?

Don’t worry! We are ready with a solution for you.

Types of Creativity: Adaptive Creative Vs. Innovative Creative

We can’t develop a continuum scale but we can plan out an activity to know your feasibility.

People who have Adaptive creativity ensure to do a particular task in a better way, but the people who possess Innovative creativity try to do any task differently.

Let us brief out 5 differences between Adaptive Creative and Innovative Creative:

Adaptive Creative Innovative Creative 
Safe, Disciplined, Efficient Thinks to create something out of the box
Try to read books and gain knowledge Past discoveries hardly matter to them
Confined to the determined set of rules Try to reveal new patterns and discuss new theories
Enjoys teamwork Can be aggressive while working in a group
Hops in with better tricks and tips Hops in with new tricks and tips

A basic tip for you:

You should self-analyze your thinking pattern whenever you face any new challenges for a month. Your thinking patterns speaks a lot more about you.

5 Stages of Creativity | Why is Creativity Important?

Every creator go through these five stages of creativity to bring their ideas into reality.

1. Preparation

As you begin your creative journey, one of the most probable and the fundamental step is to prepare for an idea. In this part, you need to explore the different aspects of knowledge in order to foster all possible approaches you need to build your idea. You need to use the memory bank of your brain, to generate new leads and ideas based on previous ones.

2. Incubation (Try to Multitask)

Incubation is one of the proposed stages of creativity. The notion states, “A person who is good at multitasking is more creative compared to the person, who is dedicated to a single task.” So, Whenever you finish actively thinking about your idea, the second stage is to let it go. Take a break from the current idea, try to work on some different project. This will give free time to your brain to eliminate the wrong solution and build up an ideal space for right solution.

3. Illumination and Inspiration

After, Incubation stage your idea is over. Your idea is in third stage of the creative process. In this stage, you need to understand some raw facts that can illuminate your idea positively. You need to get inspired from the alternatives already available in the market and try to re-illuminate your idea in a way that is better than all remaining options.

4. Evaluation based on Insights & Engagement

In this stage, you need to check the viability of your proposed idea. You need to radically explore the dynamics of your business. Many business professional often do a market analysis to incubate the similar alternatives already available in the market. You can even evaluate your idea based on Insights & Engagement you received when you launched prototype of your idea.

5. Verification : One of the most difficult stage

Last and the final stage for the creative process is the most difficult one. Your creative product might be a song, a novel, a product, a physical object, advertising campaign or anything. Now, you need to gain the prospects out of the product that you launched based on the idea, that propelled back in your head. Finally, You need to share your idea with the world.

Creativity is not an entity posed by each and everyone

When you were enrolled as a kid in your school, and you had your first drawing class. And, your teacher guided you to draw an apple. You followed all the steps ensured by the teacher. But still, your apple was somewhat different from the remaining students.

The question is WHY did this happen? Every student followed the same instruction but the apple of some students turned out to be much more beautiful compared to the teacher’s drawing and some didn’t even draw the apple. We can’t ensure same volume of creativity in each and everyone.

Once you have gained a good amount of knowledge, you should think about it and:

  • Develop something out of the box
  • Launch it out in a market
  • Gain some insights from the audience
  • Generate information to check on which factors the audience engaged the most
  • Learn from the information you generated and update yourself in a way that it turns out to be an inspiration

So here we conclude: it is a myth that people are born creative. Anyone can be creative, be it an: Engineer, Artist, Musicians, Gardner, Doctor, Plumber, or any person in any profession. All they need to do is to find out a way to optimize their creations and their work process.

Different Types of Thinking Pattern | Why is Creativity Important?

1. Lateral Thinkers

Lateral Thinkers are the people who think out of the box. They are good problem solvers and try to incorporate their vision in a way that can bring in much more royalty to society. These peoples can be considered as ones who can stand out and break the old traditions.

2. Inspiration Thinkers

Such type of thinkers are responsible to come up with revolutionary ideas that can be marked as an innovation by billions of people. Researchers even observed that such type of thinkers visualizes their creations in their dreams.

3. Convergent Thinker & Divergent Thinker

These two types of thinkers are opposite to each other. People with convergent thinking tend to be focused on a single idea but, people with divergent thinking are ready to explore new opportunities and work with an aim to bring revolution in the society. They are risk-takers.

4. Systematic Thinker -Managerial Genius

These type of thinkers’ plan to carry out stuff in a chronological manner. They could be the ones who are working in corporates managing out the activities in an office or a startup. They are good at managing work that is often rendered to them.

5. Aesthetical Thinkers – Artistic Folks

If you are good enough to develop content for a reality show, to plot new stories, to write a book, poem, or song, to paint your visualization out on  a canvas?

Then, you are an aesthetical thinker.

So, done with analyzing the type of creativity and thinking terminology one can impose in. Now, we will be de-briefing the components of “creativity”.

How to Develop a Creative Environment Around You?

Children are born to be creative but as we grow older, our creative abilities seem to tarnish.

This effective was succinctly outlined by THE TORRENCE TEST OF CREATIVE THINKING. The test is cited as a proof of, creative thinking of children diminishes with time.

Most probably, 98% of children in kindergarten are creative geniuses but their ability reduces drastically as they start to go through formal schooling system and then by then age of 30, only 3% of them are found to be creative.

With time, we are exposed to endless opportunities, environment , experiences, mindsets and develop never ending concepts/ideas. On a daily basis, our brain is pumped in with millions of ideas, but it filters out extraordinary information providing in all the essential information that our brain considers important in that moment.

Still Sometimes we become victims of the input we receive. We can be easily influenced by negative outliers such as laziness, overthinking, fixed mindset. In later parts of our life, we prospect the world in a different way, and try to maintain right balance between worldview and our ideologies.

And, if you want to be more creative then you need to work to improve your surroundings, optimize your mindset, train your mind in a way to soak all the essential information, constantly try to expand, refine & redefine the perspective that once you build in.

The following list is developed based on the scientific and psychological concepts , that we explored in different research papers.

Here are, some technique that can help you, to augment a creative workspace around you.

1. Develop a thinking methodology

Refine your existing knowledge by listening, learning, reading, and revisiting the threshold put up by others. I love to explore verity of things. Textbooks, cinema, articles, stories, podcast, journals, biography, etc., etc. But, the type of content that make me to feel most creative are, without a doubt, Cinema.

Cinema, is no doubt a classy experience. But the genre I love the most is: Financial. These plots have ideas that are tangent to each other. Such a genre, helps me to imagine practical & realistic things. These movies help me extrapolate trends, and generalize my thinking  pattern.

Mystery Movies, conceptualizes us with specific set of ideas, lessons, case studies, and perspectives, and then pave a path to wide verity concepts that you are thinking about.

Educational Movies, explains a complex topic in a thorough and digestible way. Explore new dimension of learning under the topic that seems interesting to you.

Each genre of movie, help us to understand the mindset of the one who directs it.

2. Use Similar Image Searches to Explore new ideas

If you sketch your idea, out on a canvas you will get a better picture of it. As per the researchers, visual interpretation is a best way to get inspired with new ideas and to reveal hidden patterns. I recently discovered “Pinterest” as an exciting application when it comes to Image Search.

You have to simply type-in “your keyword” and you will explore thousands of images in-reference to the mentioned keyword. One of the most probable to get influenced from the already available products in the market. Because, Image can help you associate well with your idea.

3. Value the Environment

In the modern age, we are always plugged in to electronic devices. Isn’t it?

I am completely against the advancement in our life, that is being bought up by the smartphones, laptops, and our all-time exposure to internet. We are hindering our personal space completely. Moving away from computer is a need of hour, If I am plugged in all the time, I will turn myself into a computer bot trained to work as per requirements.

What can we do?

We can walk around a library, plan a small trip to museum, a hike to forest, a born-fire session with friends providing in mental stability to our mind to develop rational thoughts. Some places that you must visit:

  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Forest/Outdoors
  • Downtown areas
  • Courtyards
  • Coffee Shops
  • Parks

This will help you to re-direct your adrenaline rush helping you to creatively work on your idea.

4. Talk to yourself or Get into High level Conversation with Experience folks

Do you ever wish to spend a month with your idol? Yes, we all wish the same. Talking with the people who have already achieved what you wish to achieve is always a great feeling. You learn from their failures, from their discipline, from their behavior and most probably you get a chance to work under them.

Secondly, I believe it’s essential to talk with yourself. Most probably, I try to do the same while driving or while listening to the music. You can we try the same, while sitting alone.

You get an idea, discuss with yourself. If you are confident about it, discuss it with your colleagues, people you trust and then work on it.

Reading a book can explore more of your creativity, rather than listening an audio book”

5. Embrace Curiosity

Creative people just want to explore each and everything around them. They just want to explore it, no matter what! Knowledge doesn’t require a reason, if someone questions them, “Why you want to know these things?”. They answer, “Because I want to explore new things in my life.”

6. If you are ever confronted with Skepticism & Rejection, still continue!

Stick to your ideas no matter even if the situation gets worst. Deal with rejection, learn from the insights you gain. Try to stick to your ideas, till you are not able to complete it. Even if you are creative, you need to be hardworking to stand out and proof your ideas till the end. That requires lot of energy because there is no quick and easy secret.

7. Have a childlike imagination

When children are about to address an issue, they often try to resolve it in original as well as creative ways. Although, with responsibilities, our creative space absolutely tends to zero. Last week, I managed to arrange a camp for 20 students in my area. The area which I settled for my camp had lot of props that can be used in some way or other.

I invited each and every student to join me for the camp at the decided time, but I came back an hour later. When I was back, I noticed I found each and every child was engaged in something with whatever they were provided with.

That is a real wonder of childhood, it incorporates us to think around in a way that can help us to explore in the moment we have with us, instead of planning for future.

However, what I concluded from this activity was: “ We need to develop a sense of childhood, to excel out in each and every phase of our life”.

7 Ways to Improve Creativity Skills | Why is Creativity Important?

We have already discussed different types of thinking patterns, but we are quite unsure about how will this pattern help us effectively to increase our imagination. So, Now let us discuss these seven tips.

Activity 1: Practice Thinking from Divergent to Convergent

If you are the one who develops solutions from multiple problems together, generating one possible outcome, then you are a convergent thinker.

If you are the one who develops multiple solutions for a single problem, generating multiple possible outcomes than you are a divergent thinker.

So, if you want to be a good problem solver; try to first think in a divergent manner to generate multiple possible solutions and then scribe down the best possible methods using a convergent method.

Activity 2: Are you an Exceptional Thinker?

If you think, you are an exceptional thinker try out this activity once.

  • Draw 30 circles on a piece of paper
  • Try to fill them by your creations (like Snowman; Traffic Light; Clocks)
  • You are allowed to use more than 1 circle at a time

After filling all the circles, now count the number of circles that were filled up by you. This will help you to acknowledge your creativity.

Many factors such as Fear, Catastrophizing, No-Motivation, Distractions would be their pre-guarding creative block of your mind in a negative way.

You can relish such factors down by Performing out things in a backward way, doing some exercise, Letting go of the so-called “No-Essentials” that doesn’t matter to you, and a “will” to change your perspective in a different manner.

Activity 3: Create a KWL Table

KWL Tables can help us to get a better insight into any new topic we ever acknowledge in our studies.

K stands for:  What we know

W stands for: What we want to know

L stands for: What have we learned

For example, the topic you want to do research-on is: “Negotiation Tips to Increase my salary”

You will proceed ahead in the challenge by acknowledging the:

  • Whatever we already know under K Column
  • Things we want to know under W Column
  • Each and Everything we have learned under the L Column

If you will practice this technique, it will help you to have better insights on any topic.

Activity 4: Implement Concept Maps

Concept maps could be pre-considered as the intuitions that are responsible to develop linkages between the ideas for any particular problem. Concept maps help us to build up the clarity of thought by developing a pattern to support our solution. It is a hierarchy based approach towards any problem helping to clarify the reason behind each step that is being taken.

Activity 5: SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis helps to get a complete overview of the solution stated by us for any problem.


S stands for Strength
W stands for Weakness
O stands for Opportunities
T stands for Threat

As the name suggests it would be quite clear, that:

  • Strength helps to analyze the positive notion behind the ideology posed by us.
  • Weakness helps us to analyze the negative outliers in our idea.
  • Opportunities showcase the scope of research on the idea posed by us.
  • Threat victimizes the errors in our idea that can sooner or later bring in no positive output to our idea.

Practice SWOT analysis of any new concept you are going to learn in upcoming days.

For example, I am planning to explore the topic on Negotiation in the coming days, so I will build up the SWOT Table, it will help me to get a complete overview of the topic at a single glance.

Image Inclusion

“Developing a square box show-casing SWOT”

Activity 6: Random Word Technique

This technique can help you to explore the facts that you would have never even thought about. So, now you have to follow these steps for the successful completion of the mentioned activity.

  1. Write down any query of your choice. For example, The best memories of my college life.
  2. Pick up a random word from your dictionary. For example, Friends
  3. Develop 4 extrapolations based on the already picked random word. For example, Honesty, Care, Concern, Happiness
  4. Now, discard the word you picked up in step 2.
  5. Draw a hierarchy based flow chart conveying in the relation between the sentence picked up in the first line and the words in step 3.
  6. Try to build up a relation between them and explore some unknown facts that you would have never even thought about.

Cool, isn’t it?

Then why don’t you practice it and share your experience on [email protected]

Image inclusion: on every step.

Activity 7: PESTLE Technique

PESTLE was a tool that was discovered by American Business school to re-discover different perspectives on a similar topic.

PESTLE stands for:

Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental
Understanding the vitality of the government. Considering multiple factors such as:

Potential change of government, economic factors, labor laws,  trading restrictions and multiple other factors

Considering economic factors that can influence your idea such as:

Inflation rates, Interest rates, Exchange rates, Property Prices, economic growth




Social factor introduces us to multiple factors such as:

Cultural Aspects, Age distribution, social behaviors, traditions, and customs, followed from years




Understanding the Tech factors  related to business or to the company.

Considering multiple factors such as:

Rate of Technological changes discussed R & D Cell, Quality, & Efficiency of the launched product, Optimizing the techniques as per the trends

Understanding the legal aptitude related to business or to the company.

Considering multiple laws such as:

WHS, Consumer Law, Privacy and Discrimination Law

Understanding the vitality of the nature.

Considering multiple factors such as:

weather and natural disasters, geographical position, climate changes, and sustainability.

PESTLE Analysis is an external audit or an external analysis of any organization. It could be considered as ‘big picture’ of the environment in which the business operates.

Activity 8: Practice these 11 Thinker Keys.

Thinker Keys are one way to implicate the factors of creativity in you.

Thinker Keys Implementation
Reverse Key Acknowledge the change in your idea. For example:

Learn the use of never.

Sentence 1: I have seen animals in the zoo

Sentence 2: I have never seen animals in the zoo

What-IF Key Consider impossible situations using “What-IF Key”.

For example:

What-If there were 8 days in a week instead of 7

Disadvantage Key Helps you to list the shortcomings in any concept or any idea
Combination Key Combine different concepts to develop something productive and better
Alphabet Key Demands you to create the list of the words from A to Z on any particular topic.

For example, Blogging

A – Appreciable
B – Bolstering
C – Catchy
Y – Yoast SEO
Z – Zip Files

Variation Key Helps you to discover different ways to solve any particular problem or understand any particular concept
Picture Key Helps you to get some influence from the desired picture and add in some key points to your proposed ideology.
Ridiculous Key Helps you to develop a solution to impossible problems
Commonality Key Pick up two things and try to find out the things that are in common between them. Now, develop a Table for these two products. For example, Cat and Dog

Both Cat and Dog have four legs
Cat and Dog are pet animals
Both Cat and Dog drink milk

Brainstorming Key You have to pick up a notion and have to come up with brilliant ideas so that people follow that notion in particular.

For example: “Make people start a blog”.

You have to look for various possible solutions like:

1. You will pay them if they start writing blogs
2. You will help them to meet their favorite celebrity
3. You will help them in their studies.

The solutions could be intervened based on the need of the particular person.

Forced Relationship Key Try to keep yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough resources to solve any problem, but you are still trying to solve it.

For example: Try to repair your refrigerator with a help of a paintbrush, cotton, color, and water.

Sounds weird, Isn’t it?

But that is what this key focus about.


The blog is focused on multiple activities that can help you to develop a creative mindset. Now, I want to hear from you about this article:

  1. Which activities were best according to you and how you going to apply it?
  2. Practice this creative thinking exercise: https://forms.gle/nsvxnidiEByECNBV9

If you learn something new, please share it!

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