13 Best Yoga for Kids Video | Yoga for Preschoolers | Steps and Benefits

Yoga for Kids Video

Do you think your child is out of energy and behaves in a sluggish manner way too often? Is obesity becoming a huge problem for your child? Are you concerned about the concentration level and the fitness of your child? In this article we have shown you the best yoga for kids video with their detailed steps and benefits.

Most of you would have searched for specific centers with tagline Yoga for Kids near me, Yoga for kids video, Yoga for kids on YouTube, or Yoga for Kids pictures. But you didn’t get any success.

If these are your concerns, then you’ve reached the correct destination. Here we would tell Best Yoga poses for kids and brief them out on three factors:

  • About
  • Steps to perform
  • Benefits

The ultimate solution to all these problems faced by your child is YOGA could specifically be termed as Yoga for Kids. These are some common issues children typically have. A lot of parents are worried about the physical as well as mental health of their kids. All these challenges can be overcome by regularly practicing Yoga.

Yoga is the most peaceful and soothing activity to calm one’s brain and keep the body fit and fine. It assuages your soul and helps you reach beyond the boundaries of the world. Practicing yoga regularly can-do wonders in your life and leave you astonished with the after effects.

Essential Yoga Prerequisites | Yoga Tips

Following are the things you will require before performing your yoga exercises:

  • A cool, quiet, and clean place to perform the exercises.
  • A yoga mat.
  • A passage of fresh and pure air to breathe properly.
  • Some comfortable yoga clothes to put on.
  • A pacified and tension free mind is a must. While beginning with the exercises do make sure that you are starting up alone leaving all your worries aside.
  • Follow a specific pattern but do not try to impose things which may sound a bit difficult to manage with your routine.

Yoga for Kids Benefits

Following are the changes that yoga can bring in your child:

  • First and foremost, performing yoga postures daily will increase the flexibility of the body that will lead to strong and elastic muscles
  • Yoga can help your child gain proper shape and treat obesity
  • Yoga will prove beneficial in increasing the determination power of your child and will make one attentive and thoughtful in life
  • All the metabolic activities going on in a child’s body will strike a balanced-on practicing yoga daily
  • It will make the child cheerful and full of life by eliminating stress and relaxing the mind
  • Yoga will build the caliber of your child and will make him more intellectual, comprehensive and vigilant
  • It will enhance the confidence level and will establish equilibrium between the mind and the body

So, the importance of yoga in the life of a child is quite evident. This yoga for kids video can be inculcated in an effortlessly playful manner in your child’s daily routine.

13 Best Yoga for Kids Video

These are some specific yoga for kids video and postures that you can relate to in order to practice yoga:

1. The Tree Pose

Description: It is also known as Vrikshasana, this yoga pose signifies to expand one’s roots downwards and flourish your arms up towards the Sun. It is a standing pose which is even quite popular in modern yoga. This asana is held for around 20 to 60 seconds.


  • Stand straight with your ankles and knees touching each other.
  • Shift your body weight to the right foot and stay for some seconds.
  • Lift your left foot to touch your inner right thigh.
  • Stretch your hands above you and keep them straight.
  • Inhale fresh air and keep calm.
  • Exhale and relax.


  • It strengthens the shoulders, calves and thighs.
  • It is helpful in maintaining balance.
  • It improves the ligaments and tendons of our feet.
  • It helps in developing pelvic stability

2. The Bridge Pose

Description: Also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, this yoga pose has the most scientific benefits such as it helps in proper functioning of heart, chest, and hip flexors. Help in release of stress and mild depression in which everyone is inn currently.


  • Lay down on the floor
  • Bend your knees
  • Put your feet flat on the ground
  • Lift your hip and back upwards
  • Inhale and try to maintain balance
  • Keep your hands below your back touching each other on the floor
  • Exhale and relax


  • It is the best way to cut off stomach fat and lose weight
  • It elongates the spine, neck, stomach and chest
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It improves digestion

3. The Cobra Pose

Description: It is also known as Bhujangasana, this yoga pose is highly recommended for treating back ache. It is one of the steps involved in while performing Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun). The pose is influenced from the dog pose as it is one of its variation only.


  • Lie on the floor with your face facing it
  • Press your palms against the floor
  • Stretch your upper body upwards
  • Inhale while stretching
  • Keep calm and stretch as much as you can
  • Exhale and relax


  • This is the most practiced yoga pose for post natal women
  • It makes the spine strong and soothes the body
  • Good for asthma patients
  • Also soothes sciatica

Note: Constipation is the common digestive problems which is affecting around more than 2.3 million people in United States. Check out the causes, symptoms, and yoga poses to get rid of this problem here.

4. The Cat Pose

Description: It is also known as Marjaryasana. It acts as a natural massager to spine and belly and results in smooth functioning of it.


  • Press your palms on the floor
  • Touch your knees to the floor and attain a tabletop position
  • Look at the floor and straighten your back and hips
  • Inhale and keep calm
  • Stretch your neck and look upwards
  • Exhale slowly and return back to the tabletop posture


  • It increases the flexibility of the spine, hips and abdominal area
  • It relieves menstrual pain and improves balance
  • It improves coordination
  • Helps in becoming emotionally balanced

5. The Bow Pose

Description: Also known as Dhanurasana or Urdva Chakrasana, it is an amazing back bending exercise. The following pose is not advised for the people who are suffering severe problems of spinal cord, disc, or stomach related problems.


  • Lie down on the floor
  • Keep your feet apart and put your hands on the side touching the floor
  • Slightly bend your knees and bring them upwards
  • Try to lift your ankles high
  • Stretch your chest upwards and hold your ankles with your hand
  • Inhale and maintain balance
  • Exhale and relax


  • It builds strength as it expands the whole body
  • It is really helpful for the spine, neck and back muscles
  • It improves posture
  • Stimulates the organs of the abdomen

6. The Easy Pose

Description: It also known as Sukhasana, this yoga pose is like a therapy to reduce stress. The following exercise regime is not fit for the people who are suffering from severe leg or knee related problem.


  • Sit on the floor or your mat with shins crossed
  • For regular practice cross the right shin over the left one on even days and vice-versa on odd days
  • Sit in an erect posture with your hands on your knees
  • Loosen up your feet and broaden your knees
  • Be comfortable and inhale
  • Keep calm and exhale


  • It is the best way to relax your mind and reduce anxiety and stress
  • It builds strength and improves flexibility of muscles
  • It opens hips and outer thigh muscles
  • Strengthens the knees and ankles

Note: One in every 10 person might be suffering from obesity and overweight. Thanks to lack of activities and unhealthy lifestyle. This article on yoga postures for weight loss will help you improve your daily life.

7. The Butterfly Pose

Description: It is also known as Baddha Konasana, this yoga for kids video is the key to longevity


  • Sit in an erect posture on the floor
  • Bring your feet closer to the pelvic area
  • Join your ankles
  • Leave your knees to touch the ground
  • Hold your toes with your hands and maintain balance
  • Inhale and exhale slowly
  • Stay in this pose for 3-5 minutes


  • It expands the inner thighs and groin and strengthens them
  • It also helps in menstrual pain and improves blood circulation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates abdominal organs, ovaries, prostrate glands and kidneys

8. The Corpse Pose

Description: It is also known as Savasana. The following asana is formulated as an exercise in both hatha yoga and modern yoga. It is a relaxing pose often considered at the end of the Yoga session.


  • Lay on the floor with your back touching it
  • Spread your legs a little
  • Keep your hands alongside
  • Loosen up your body
  • Close your eyes and keep calm
  • Inhale and exhale


  • It is recommended for people having low blood pressure
  • It removes fatigue and headache
  • People dealing with depression can gain from doing this regularly
  • It relaxes the body

9. The Hero Pose

Description: It is also known as Virasana. It is one of the historical pose preferred for meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama).


  • Sit on the floor with your thighs perpendicular to it
  • Keep your hands above your thighs
  • Join our inner knees
  • Straighten your back and keep your shoulders firm
  • Inhale and close your eyes
  • Stay like this for 60 seconds
  • Exhale and relax


  • It is best for virility
  • It strengthens lower back and elongates hips, legs and knees
  • It relieves foot pain and tiredness
  • It encourages and trains internal rotation

10. The Boat Pose

Description: It is also known as Paripurna Navasana. It aids in improving tailbones and sitting bones.


  • Sit on the floor or yoga mat with your legs in front
  • Stretch your legs a bit
  • Place your hands behind your back
  • Press your palms against the floor
  • Lift your legs together upwards
  • Lift your hands from the floor and align them upwards with your legs
  • Inhale and maintain balance
  • Stay like this for 20 seconds
  • Exhale and relax


  • It smoothens the abdominal area and strengthens hip contractors
  • It builds confidence and assists in eradicating stress
  • It improves digestion
  • It creates balance and also works on a good confidence level

11. The Mountain Pose

Description: It is also known as Parvatasana. The following pose is a foundation of all the standing poses.


  • Stand straight on the ground
  • Keep your shoulders tightened
  • Join your inner knees
  • Keep your hands on the side
  • Close your eyes and balance your head
  • Inhale and exhale slowly
  • Stay like this for 1 minute


  • It is the best standing meditation to improve one’s posture
  • If done regularly, it can reduce back pain
  • It reduces the affects of flatfoot
  • It improves posture

Note: To be anxious is completely normal and necessary for survival. However, when a person starts to feel stress and anxiety at disproportionate levels, it may end up messing up with one’s mental health and peace.

These best yoga poses for anxiety and stress relief will help you calm your mind.

12. The Happy Baby Pose

Description: It also known as Ananda Bal asana, it reduces body stiffness. It helps to reduce the stress preserved in the hip area and electrify our whole body.


  • Lay down on the floor
  • Stretch your legs
  • Widen the gap between your knees
  • Lift your leg upwards and bend your knees slightly
  • Hold your feet with your hands gently creating obstacle to high riser
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Maintain posture and keep calm


  • It relaxes the brain and eradicates back pain, fatigue and stress
  • It is a good exercise for the spine
  • It stretches the hamstrings
  • It calms the brain
  • Helps to stretch inner groins

13. The Dog Pose

Description: It is also known as Adho Mukhasana. It is one of the steps involved in while performing Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun).


  • Lay on the ground
  • Put your palms on the floor
  • With the help of your feet and palms lift your body upwards
  • Try to maintain a gap between the knees
  • Stretch as much as you can
  • Inhale and stretch
  • Stay like this for 20 seconds
  • Exhale and relax


  • It toughens arms and legs and prevents osteoporosis
  • It can cure menstrual discomfort and can also stimulate the body
  • It energizes the body
  • It calms the brain and helps relieve stress and deals with mild depression


As the world says : A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, yoga is one of the most efficient way to build a robust and salubrious shape along with a peaceful mind. I hope you liked our article on best yoga for kids video and poses.

So, start practicing yoga daily for fruitful and satisfying results. I think now, you won’t have to re-search a tagline “Yoga for kids poses”.

Stay fit! Stay Healthy!

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